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Ranch Rack Western Wear Clothing Displays keep your store rolling

Western Wear

Rolling Ranch Racks are the perfect solution for all your Western Wear displays. The rich appearance of museum-quality, hand-finished, solid wood rolling cabinets, mounted on heavy-duty industrial castors, creates a more enjoyable shopping experience, and your merchandise will be perceived as having a greater value. 

Western wear can be very informal, with a t-shirt and blue jeans forming a basic ensemble, or it may consist of tailored formal garments with western accents. At minimum, western wear generally incorporates a cowboy hat, a buckled leather belt and cowboy boots.  The Western Wear of the rodeo cowboy is not very different from that of the working cowboy on his way to town. Snaps, used instead of buttons on the cowboy's shirt, allow the cowboy to escape from a shirt snagged by the horns of a steer or bull. Some rodeo competitors, particularly women, add sequins, colors, silver and long fringes to their clothing in adherence to tradition and showmanship.

Cowboy Hats are here to stay. Modern riders in "rough stock" events such as saddle bronc or bull riding may add safety equipment including Kevlar vests and neck braces, but use of safety helmets in place of the cowboy hat is yet to be accepted, in spite of constant risk of injury.

Ranch Racks are mounted on heavy-duty industrial casters that can be locked into position for a permanent presentation. When you feel like a change, and your store requires a quick facelift, it’s easy to reposition your racks, designed by Catrina's Ranch Interiors, and create a fresh new look to tired old stock.

Ranch Rack Rolling Circular Carousel for Western Wear and all clothing
Round Carousel, Rolling Display for Western Wear in finishes to complement your store

Rolling Displays for Western Wear, Shirts and Jackets, Jeans and Boots, from Ranch Rack San Antonio, Texas
Square Carousel and Hanging Cabinets, Rolling Displays for Western Wear in finishes to complement your store

Ranch Rack Tall Display Cabinet for Western Wear and Clothing
Large Rolling Western Wear and Jeans Cabinet


Ranch Rack Western Wear Clothing Displays

Ranch Rack keeps you rolling

Maximizing your space for customer and inventory capacity is an essential part of a successful business. Even the smallest amount of unused space can cost a business thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Rolling Ranch Racks, designed by Catrina's Ranch Interiors, make it effortless to design the layout of your store for maximum profit.

The first thing to consider is the geometric floor plan or how to align the racks and fixtures. There are several floor plans to choose from and your type of business will determine which floor plan works best. The straight floor plan is ideal for larger retail stores, which entail aligning the racks in straight lines, creating a constant flow of traffic up and down the aisles. The diagonal floor plan is preferable for smaller retail stores, as it provides an excellent overview of both merchandise and customers. It gives a feeling of openness and creates a smooth flow of traffic throughout the whole store. The mixed floor plan combines straight, diagonal and angular floor plans. This method uses the best features from each floor plan and enables a smooth traffic flow from aisles to walls.

Product and point of sale displays are  also key layout strategies that must be maximized to increase traffic. Place your highest profiting products in areas where you have the highest traffic flow, while the products that are in high demand should be positioned in the lowest traffic areas. In addition, place your most appealing or affordable products at the front of the store. This will reduce the number of customers who are afraid to come inside because of high prices. Following these general rules, will increase your traffic flow throughout the entire store and not just in certain areas. As for the register placement, find an area situated on the side or center of the store. The first thing customers should see is your wonderful products and friendly staff, which will provide a warm and inviting feeling when they first come into the store.

Roll out your new look with Ranch Rack!


Ranch Rack Squaree Rolling Carousel for Western Wear and all clothing displays
Square Carousel, hand-crafted Rolling Display

Ranch Rack Hanging Display Cabinets
Rolling Hanging Display Cabinets for Western Wear, Shirts and Jackets, shown with rubbed-back black finish


Saddle Racks by Ranch Rack, San Antonio, Texas

Get rolling with Ranch Rack

Our museum-quality Showcase Cabinets
are constructed of solid wood and glass and may be ordered in custom sizes to meet your requirements. Keep your valuable showpieces safe while elegantly exhibited in Ranch Rack glass display cabinets. 

Ranch Rack elegant presentation cabinets, designed by Catrina's Ranch Interiors, are mounted on heavy-duty industrial casters, making them effortlessly moveable throughout your store. It’s easy to reposition your racks to create a fresh new look and the perfect solution for your store's long overdue makeover. Our beautiful display cabinets have rear sliding doors for easy access, and locks can be added upon request.
Illuminated exhibits enhance the appearance of your jewelry and accessories, and all our hand finished cabinets can be supplied with internal lighting if desired. You may select your cabinets in a preferred finish that beautifully complements your store. Choose from a variety of wood color finishes or perhaps a favorite colored finish, you may also choose a color rubbed finish, all at no extra charge.

Showcase your valuables in our museum-quality glass jewelry cabinets and display your cowboy boots on our finest racks. Our hand-carved stands are essential for show saddles. Boots and saddles, hats and belts, blue jeans and shirts with western accents, are all complemented by our rolling display cabinets.

We are located in Boerne, San Antonio, Texas
and supply museum-quality Custom
Rolling Showcase Cabinets and Display Fixtures for Western Wear, Cowboy Hats, Boots and Saddles. Our Rolling Tables and Jewelry Showcases, Hat Counters and Customer Service Counters, are all mounted on durable Industrial Casters. Ranch Rack is the perfect complement for all Clothing, Shirts and Jeans, Horse Tack and Rodeo Accessories.

Roll out your new look with Ranch Rack!


Ranch Rack Tall Solid Wood and Glass Cabinets for Western Wear and Clothing
Tall Glass Showcase for Hats or Accessories
Ranch Rack Tall Rolling Display cabinets for Western Wear and all clothing
Rolling Cabinets for Western Wear
Ranch Rack Tall Solid Wood Cabinets for Western Wear and Clothing
Tall Solid Wood Western Wear Showcase
Ranch Rack Rolling Displays for Western Wear, San Antonio, Texas
Mirrored Showcase Clothing Display


Ranch Rack, 31300 IH-10 West, Boerne, San Antonio, Texas 78006. Tel: 830-755-6355, Email: info@ranchrack.com